Commonly Used Sentences during Class

How to start a conversation with your tutor:              

How are you?


Fine, thank you.


How are you doing?


I am doing well.


How was your weekend?


It was good.


How to end a conversation:                                       

Thank you, have a nice day.


You too.


Thank you, see you next time.


You too. (A proper response to a farewell)


When you are confused, you can ask:                              

Could you say that again?


Could you explain that?


Could you rephrase that?


Could you give me an example?


Could you help me understand the sentence structure?


I need help analyzing that sentence.


What do you want me to explain?


When you want to stop a tutor, you can say:                      

Sorry, but I have a question.


Excuse me. I have a question.


When you understand, and want a tutor to continue, you can say:

Now I understand, thank you. I am ready to continue.


I got it, thank you. I am ready to continue.


When you and your tutor say something at the same time, and you want a tutor to say it first, you can say:

Sorry. Go ahead.


When you get some problems, you can say:                                                                                    

Excuse me, I cannot see the screen.


I cannot hear the sound.


Internet does not work well.


Network is not syncing.


Could you lead me to read this sentence?


Can you show me how to pronounce this?


Please speak slowly.


Please speak a little bit faster.


Sentences tutors may say in class:              

Let’s review first.


Let’s talk about homework now.


Please preview the notes.


Follow me. Read after me.


Today, I want to teach you about….


I will give you a sentence, and you will repeat it.


You will learn new vocabulary and practice grammar.


After class, I will give you homework.


Do you have any questions?


No, I have no question.


Good.  Let’s begin!


I have uploaded your homework to the website.


Please answer questions 1 through ___.


Please write your answers.


Also, please practice speaking your answers.


I will ask you to read them to me.


Please complete it one day before our next class.


Then upload your answers to the website.


Do you know how to upload?


Here is a link to show you how: www.________________.


You can send it earlier, but not later because I need time to review your answers.


I enjoyed our class today.


You are making great progress/I see great potential for you.


Let’s review the schedule for next class.


Can I teach you at the same time again? Would another time be better?


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