Advice from US Mentors

Advice from US professors in the English Department

  • Immersion Learning
  • Textbooks and materials used
  • Talk about me and my future school

Advice from US mentors/professors

  • What kinds of students are teachable?
  • What you should prepare when you are in China?
  • What kinds of test scores we attach importance to?
  • What kinds of writing do we like? Let us proofread your application documents.
  • We also do application interview practice.
  • Why should Chinese students improve their English and not limited themselves to exams like TOEFL?
  • How hard is it to graduate?
  • Why is it so important to learn how to study and how to write papers?
  • Why should Chinese students learn English when they are still in China?

Share study experience

  1. What you should prepare for in order to attend a school.
  2. How to manage your time.
  3. How to balance study and play.
  4. How to make notes.
  5. How to prepare for tests.
  6. How to prepare for presentations.
  7. How to prepare for papers.

Share application experience

  • How did I get admitted in a good university?

Share teaching materials

Are you ready for an US classrooms?


b) Articles

c) Notebooks