Food Breakfast Want a light breakfast? Lunch Let’s have a light lunch. Dinner What’s for dinner? Boiled egg How you make a boiled egg? Coffee Want another cup of coffee? Fried egg May I have two fried eggs? Toast What kind of toast would you like? Jam Would you like jam? Cream May I […]

The Store

  The Store Grapefruit Grapefruit are very bitter. Carrot Carrots are good for your eyes. Cauliflower Cauliflower looks like white broccoli. Leek Leeks are very tasty. Mushroom Did you clean the mushrooms? Cucumber I cut up the cucumber. Lemon Just squeeze a little lemon into it. Celery Ever see peanut butter put into celery? Apricot […]

The Party

  The Party Balloon Tie the balloon to the chair. Chocolate Want a piece of chocolate? Glasses I can’t find my glasses. Candy Can I have a piece of candy? Window Quick!  Look out the window! Fireworks Want to light the fireworks? Ribbon I’m going to tie the ribbon in a bow. Cake Do you […]

The Hospital and The Doctor

  The Hospital and The Doctor Nurse Ask the nurse for help. Cotton ball Hand me a cotton ball, please. Medicine Be sure to take all your medicine. Elevator Hold the elevator, please. Robe Wear this robe when you get up. Crutches Thank you for the new crutches. Pills Did you take your pills? Tray […]

At School

  At School Scissors Don’t run with scissors. Eraser Use the eraser to change your answer. Ruler Measure it with a ruler. Photographs Are these your photographs? Felt-tip pens Are you missing a felt-tip pen? Clay Shape the clay with your fingers. Paints It’s time to put away the paints. Boy Why is the boy […]

The Seaside

  The Seaside Sail boat I think sailboats are very relaxing. Sea The sea is a strange color today. Oar Hang onto your oar. Lighthouse The lighthouse is automatic today. Shovel How sand can you pick up with your shovel? Bucket I put the sand in the bucket. Starfish Are you collecting starfish? Sandcastle This […]

The Farm

The Farm Haystack The haystack is usually dry. Sheepdog Sheepdogs are very smart. Lambs Keep the lambs with their mothers. Pond Ponds can store water for later. Chicks Chicks are baby chickens. Hayloft Is the hayloft full? Pigsty I’m going to check on the pigsty. Bull We call the bull ‘old toro’. Hen House Is […]

The Country

  The Country Windmill Windmills pump water for livestock Hot-air balloon Let’s ride the hot air balloon! Butterfly Do you collect butterflies? Lizard Lizards warm themselves on rocks in the sun. Stones Some people call stones rocks. Fox Foxes are good hunters. Stream I like to fish in streams. Signpost What street does the signpost […]


  Travel Train tracks Please stay off the train tracks. Engine The engine is so big! Bumpers The bumpers stop damage. Cars Do we have a sleeper car? Train engineer Ask the engineer if I can see the engine? Cargo car What is in the cargo car? Platform The train is stopping at the platform. […]


Animals Panda Most pandas are in China. Wing Airplanes have wings too. Eagle Eagles are very large birds. Hippopotamus Hippos are very dangerous. Paws Most animals have paws. Kangaroo Kangaroos jump to make them fast. Gorilla Gorilla’s a very strong and large. Bat You find bats mostly in caves. Monkey Some monkeys are cute. Tail […]