Callnote Instructions

  1. Visit and register a New Skype account with your firstname.Sapling (for instance, Song.Sapling) for teaching in Skype.
  2. Download the Callnote Premium Install Package from
  3. Install Callnote Premium in your PC.
  4. Run Callnote Premium and login to Skype.
  5. You will see “Callnote CLI.exe wants to use Skype” in the top of Skype, so please press “Allow Access” button.
  6. In the window of Callnote, please select “Call recording” page in the top and check following:
    • Always start recording when call starts.
    • Record video.
    • Skype on top.
  7. When you run video chat in Skype , it will be auto recording.
  8. After recording
    • You can preview the recorded videos in the “Library” page in Callnote.
    • You can get the recorded video directory from “Options” page in Callnote.
  9. If you still can’t record video with Callnote, please close and restart Callnote, and go back to step 5.