Growing Up Courses – Parents

Growing together with your sapling

Short-term Rotating Classes

For one part at one level, there are about 20-30 sessions,each lasting about 1 hour, at specific times, in a short term, for example, 3 months.

For one short-term curriculum, students can attend those classes freely without worrying about lagging behind because of missing some sections.

These classes could be in a classes with about 10 students.

Compulsory courses

  • Beauty of Voice
  • Beauty of Structure
  • Beauty of Literature
  • Refreshing Ears
  • Thread of Beads in Speaking
  • Flower Blooming with a Pen
  • Spider Man

Optional courses

  • Proper communication and behavior
  • Being knowledgeable and thoughtful
  • Living in the US
  • Traveling in the US
  • Beautiful English Calligraphy
  • Reading for pleasure