Student Assistance

How to help a sapling grow healthy, strong and smart

Before class

Short-term and long-term goal setting for every student

Schemes and resources listed:

Electronic data saved and updated for every major detail



Peer assistance: pen pal, discussion, encouragement, set good examples

Buddy system: part of peer assistance assign a buddy. Urge your buddy to finish the assignment. By doing this, students can improve their communication skills and know how to cooperate with each other, consciously and subconsciously, building leadership skills.

Parents assistance: parents meeting/conference/parent workshop

Parents involvement as a crucial part of parent assistance

Material assistance:books, videos, music


In class

Teacher-student interaction in class:

eye contact

ask and answer questions

Allow students to ask questions when they are confused: develop critical thinking, expressive, confident

Group discussion

Students as teachers



Trace and Clarify and specify assignments

Clear and effective teaching schedules

Reschedule plans if needed

Tests frequently and regularly

Tutor assistance: when,where ,what ,how

Peer assistance:pen pal, discussion,encouragement,set good examples

Parents assistance:parents meeting/conference

Material assistance:books, videos, music