Tutor Evaluation

Please check the appropriate remark:

  1. Tutor was punctual.
  2. if not, how late.
  3. Tutor was dressed for teaching.
  4. if not, what was wrong
  5. Tutor ate while teaching
  6. tutor asked for personal information of me or of anyone else
  7. tutor gave personal information of themselves or anyone else
  8. Tutor was sexual, violent, or offensive
  9. Tutor made me uncomfortable
  10. If so, how?
  11. Tutor did not get prepared for the class
  12. Tutor was not distracted by events occurring at tutor’s computer.
  13. If they were, please describe
  14. Tutor’s Internet connection appeared to not be stable
  15. Another session needed to be scheduled to complete this session
  16. Tutor was not understandable
  17. Tutor didn’t type important words in chat
  18. Tutor did not give an assignment for this session
  19. Tutor did not set up the next session if it was required