At Home

At Home

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Bathroom I am using the bathroom.
Bathtub The bathtub has a rubber duck in it.
Soap Where is the soap?
Faucet Let’s turn on the faucet
Water The water is cold.
Toilet Paper Do you have more toilet paper?
Toilet May I use your toilet?
Toothbrush I need a new toothbrush.
Sponge I use a sponge in the bath.
Sink You can wash up in the sink.
Shower I like a hot shower in the morning.
Towels Do you have clean towels?
Toothpaste Is this good toothpaste?
Radio Please turn on the radio.


Living Room
Cushion Would you like another cushion?
DVD This is my favorite DVD.
Carpet We just put in new carpet.
Sofa Let’s sit on the sofa.
Fruit Would you like a piece of fruit?
Television What’s on the television?


Bed This bed is not very comfortable.
Comb I don’t like to comb my hair.
Sheet I like fresh sheets on my bed.
Rug You need to shake your rug often.
Wardrobe I hang my clothes in the wardrobe.
Dresser Check the dresser for a pair of socks.
Mirror Look in the mirror and see for yourself.
Brush I brush my hair every night.
Lamp My lamp doesn’t work anymore.
Pictures This is my favorite picture!



Pegs Hang your coat on one of the pegs.
Telephone May I use your phone?
Stairs Please be careful not to fall down the stairs.
Letters Check the pile of letter for your mail.
Table I put it on the table.
Newspaper Are you going to read the (news)paper?

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