Getting Into College With Sapling

It is true that there are many companies that can help you get into an American college.  However, there aren’t many companies that can help you and make sure that you maintain your integrity with the schools that you want to impress.  The risk to your integrity comes in the form of the essays that […]

Thrown Into the Deep End

From the title you can see that English makes the most of colloquialism. So if you are missing your colloquial dictionary, the title means forced to learn something quickly with little or no previous training. Literally, it means to teach someone to swim by pushing them into a body of water that is deeper than […]

I Wish

Every person Could be like a sapling Could be bathed in sunshine, rain and morning dew Though there is darkness and shadow in the world that I cannot change I still wish With our genuine concern Our patience Our warmth Our guidance To every sapling we can see With our out-reaching hands More and more […]