Coherent Curriculum in US


Online Growing Up Curriculum for students:

Growing excellence

Required courses

  • Beauty of Voice
  • Beauty of Structure
  • Beauty of Literature
  • Refreshing Ears
  • Thread of Beads in Speaking
  • Flower Blooming with a Pen
  • Spiderman

Online Growing Up Curriculum for students(elective):

  • Being respectful and courteous
  • Being knowledgeable and thoughtful
  • Adaptive traveling and living
  • English Calligraphy
  • Reading for pleasure


What you can acquire:

  • General Knowledge: Culture,Courtesy,History, Geography
  • Proper Spoken English in related areas
  • Standard and Elegant English Calligraphy


Learn with or after course of Beauty of Voice and Refreshing Ears


  • Frequent interaction
  • Learn Do’s and Don’ts
  • Learn while having fun
  • Learn from practice and simulation

Being respectful and courteous

  • Practice how to speak and behave properly
  • Role play
  • Games and activities

1. Etiquette

a. Restaurant Do’s and Don’ts

b. Party Do’s and Don’t

c. Visiting friends’ house

d. Major Festivals do’s and don’ts


2. Interpersonal Association

a. Greeting

b. Introduction

①  Addressing

c. Telephone Conversations

d. Neighbors

e. Dating

f. Notes and email writing


3. Campus Life

a. Orientation

b. Choosing Courses

c. Study

①  Homework: asking instruction of professors , requiring extension

d. Library

e. Job Hunting: Part-time Job

f. Volunteer

g. Join clubs

h. Notes and email writing


Being knowledgeable and thoughtful

  • Developing general understanding of the US
  • Broaden your horizons
  • By reading magazines, maps, etc,watching videos and discussing with tutors and peers

1. Introduction of the US

a. Geography

a) Current magazines about geographic features and stories, such as

i. National Geographic pictures and articles. ..

b. History

c. Culture and Cultural Taboos

d. Customs and traditions


Adaptive traveling and living

1. Traveling

a. Applying for a Visa

b. At Airport

① Asking about Flights

② Booking/Buying tickets

③ At the customs

④ Asking services on the plane

c. Hotels

① Inquiring

② Booking a Room

③ Check in/out

④ Asking Service: changing bed-set, cleaning

⑤ Complaint

d. Asking the Way

e. Knowing the map

f. Travel Agency


2. Transportation

a. Driving

① Getting a Driving License

② Road signs

③ Basic Driving Rules

④ Renting a car

⑤ Buying a car

⑥ At the Gas Station

⑦ Car Insurance

⑧ Parking

⑨ Automobile Service and Maintenance

b. Taking Public Transportation

① Bus stop: asking how to take a bus, buying but tickets…

② Railway Station

③ Subway


c. Taxi Service


4. Housing(Do’s and Don’ts)

a. Apartment Hunting

b. Inspecting a House/Apartment

c. Buying a House

d. Redecorating a House

e. Buying Furniture

f. Bills payment

g. Network Installation

h. Housekeeping Service


5. Shopping(Do’s and Don’ts)

a. Buying Souvenirs

b. Buying Clothes

c. Buying Shoes

d. Buying Cosmetics

e. Buying Glasses

f. Boutique

g. Bargaining/Discount

h. Customer Service

① Refund

② Complaint

i. Check-out


6. Eating (Do’s and Don’ts)


a. Reservation for a Table (Do’s and Don’ts)

b. Dish Order

c. Complaint in the Restaurant

d. Go Dutch

e. Setting Bills

f. At a Bar

g. Coffee Shop

h. Taking Away


7. Finance & Banking

a. Opening an Account

b. Depositing Money

c. Credit Card

d. Foreign Exchange

e. Tax Return

f. Buying Insurance

g. Loan


8. Health Care

a. American Medical System Introduction

b. Consultation a GP

c. Making an Appointment

d. Seeing a Doctor

e. Seeing a Dentist

f. Drugstore

g. Physical Test


9. Emergency

a. First Aid: calling an ambulance

b. No trespassing

c. How to handle violence crime

d. Ask for help


English Calligraphy

  • Standard writing
  • Cursive


Reading for pleasure

having a tutor majoring broadcasting to tutor a student how to read precisely with beautiful voice and tones

  • Short words and phrases like road signs, supermarket, shopping mall words, product names
  • Short sentences
  • Short passages for travel and product instructions
  • Short children’s or other simple essays or stories for adults
  • Series of short stories
  • Extracts from literature such as poems, novels, dramas, plays

Speaking / listening training



c) Application interview

d) job interview

  1. Courses

a) Beauty of Voice

b) Beauty of Structure

c) Refreshing Ears

d) Thread of Beads in Speaking

e) Spider Man

Writing training




d) SAT

e) GRE


g) Application documents

  1. Courses

a) Spider Man

b) Beauty of Structure

c) Flower Blooming with a Pen