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Dedicated to helping a sapling grow healthy, strong and smart


Free Individual Education Pathway Consultancy

Students can consult Chinese educational team via the Internet or visit offices of Sapling Academy.

  • Professional tests for students
  • Learning ability
  • Talents
  • Potentials
  • Learning habits
  • Student’s personality

Define short and long-term goals

Clear and effective teaching schedules to gain specific goals

Let you know

  • Which courses
  • How many courses
  • How often a student attends courses
  • which tutor or tutors can be most helpful
  • What assignments/homework

Free trial session

  • Students can select a tutor by reviewing other students’ comments and tutors’ resume
  • Every prospective student who wishes to see if the class fits his/her needs can make an appointment to have one free 15-minute trial session
  • If the student is satisfied with the tutor, the session can continue automatically
  • Students can talk with at most 3 tutors to have a most suitable one