Find Pen Pals in China

Of the many study techniques offered at Sapling Academy, Pen Pals could be one of the most beneficial. Here are some of the ways a Pen Pal can help you:

  • Have a good friend in China who is really eager to understand you and communicate with you
  • Satisfy your curiosity about your Pen Pal’s culture and learn Chinese simultaneously
  • Learn without sitting in a classroom, in a dynamic open environment
  • Communicate with your Pen Pal any time of the day, at your convenience

Who are your Chinese Pen Pals

Sapling Academy will do its best to match you with a pen pal that best matches your circumstances. We are always increasing the types of people you can communicate with. For instance, here is a list that might match you right now:

  • High School students
  • College students
  • Other parents who have saplings of their own
  • Professionals such as teachers, software programmers, doctors, engineers, or HR managers.

How special they are

This is a list of the special attributes that your pen pal may bring to your communications with them:

  • Native Chinese speakers living in China
  • Intermediate or higher level of written English
  • Willingness to understand American English or American culture
  • Willingness to communicate with you
  • Willingness to share different stories and ideas

How Chinese Pen Pals help US students

  • Improve your communication skills in Chinese while having fun.
  1. You learn how to build, maintain and develop friendship with a person from another country who you at first know little.
  2. By reading Chinese Pen Pal’s emails in Chinese and English, you may strengthen and improve your Chinese reading ability.
  3. Improve your speaking and writing skills consciously and subconsciously when trying to ask and answer questions or discuss about some topics both of you are interested in.
  • Broaden your horizons by understanding what China is from your pen pals’ perspectives.

How does Sapling Academy match Pen Pals?

  • Register your for your free membership. Please allow up to 5 business days for a reply
  • Enter your basic information about your requirements for a pen pal on the Request A Pen Pal page
  • We will quickly match a Pen Pal and notify you. If one is not available after 10 business days, we will request that you allow us to broaden the search for you. The reason we take this step is because we are not a dating or match making site, and each pen pal is hand selected.

In case you are worried about you or your child being improperly matched to Pen Pals, rest assured that we select your Pen Pal according to your age, gender, and career.

Pen Pal Rules

  • Enter the valid personal information required to have a right match
  • Do not release the private information of your pen pal
  • Do not talk about sexual, violent activities, illegal or offensive topics that make your pen pal uncomfortable
  • Use Sapling Academy’s emails only
  • Sharing Pen Pals is strongly discouraged because yours was selected for you and may not be right for someone else

This is NOT your typical Pen Pal service. Sapling Academy is NOT a dating or matching making service. You will be matched by hand to someone who is most suitable for you and your overseas counterpart.

If students disobey these rules, then Sapling Academy can not be held responsible for any harm or damages.

Request a Pen Pal