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Suzanne Craig : English Tutor

Suzanne Craig

English Tutor

Yu Song : Chinese Tutor

Yu Song

Chinese Tutor

Hello everyone, my name is Song, Yu. I am a Chinese tutor and an advanced English-Chinese translator, who is committed to helping you improve Chinese as a second language and sharing the Chinese culture with you.
Cherry Chen : Chinese Tutor

Cherry Chen

Chinese Tutor

Hi everyone, my name is Chen, Qiuli. I am from Hangzhou, China, which is a beautiful tourism city located in the South-east of China. Hangzhou is considered a city of leisure. Residents here lead a peaceful life. If traveling to Hangzhou, you can climb hills, row boats on the West Lake, visit historical scenic spots, or sit in a tea house to have a cup of a green tea called Longjing while enjoy delicious local food. If you like shopping, you can buy whatever you want in shopping malls or specific markets at an inexpensive price but with good quality. I am patient, optimistic and extrovert. I am also eager to know others from different countries and willing to share my experience, feelings and thoughts with them. I love traveling, photography, reading, and music. For me, traveling is not just a way to appreciate fantastic scenery, but a good way to meet different people and learn from them.