Membership Coupon Policy

Sapling Academy uses coupons as a way to reward its members for contributing to the growth of the academy. Coupons can be used in many ways by members to help themselves obtain many of the growing tools they will need to succeed.

In order to ensure steadily increasing benefits for members of Sapling Academy, coupons will only be given to Sapling’s members.

Here are the ways you can earn coupons:

  • Once you have registered as a member online, you will receive a 100RMB coupon.
  • After submitting a payment of 1000RMB or more in advance, you will be given a coupon that is worth 10% coupon of the tuition or service you paid.
  • Completing surveys for tutors and classes.
  • or as a gift from a Sapling Academy member.

How can you use your coupon?

  • Coupons can be used by the students to pay up to 30% of tuition or any of other services except Visit Services, where coupons can’t be used.
  • Can be gifted to another for all services except Visit Service that are provided including Pen Pal Matching, Chinese classroom, Online classroom, Application services for instance.
  • As a parent with one or more children enrolled, can use coupons as part of their own tuition, which is up to 30%.

Remember, once coupons are used to pay for tuition, it can not be reimbursed or with drawn as cash. Coupons are not currency.