Guidance to the Top US Universities

Your goals of getting into a good US school can seem impossible. There is a pile of paperwork, criteria to meet, and a maze of web pages to navigate. How can anyone hope to get into school without help. Let us guide you to a school that meets your career goals.

Unique Application Documents

Other agencies are willing to use a cookie cutter approach when it comes to helping you write your application documents. We, at Sapling Academy, believe that your documents are as personal as you are. That’s why we have created special tools to help write your personal statements, resumes, and whatever else your dream school is asking for. Then our team of writers will go over your drafts, and guide you to the best possible final draft that can be made

Professional Editing and Polishing

We’ve collected top professional editors and writers to help you make good writing choices so you can make the best impression to you target schools. With their years of experience, there will be little doubt that you deserve to walk their hallowed halls of education.

First-Hand Information of Schools

We build a portfolio on the schools you want to apply to, from people that have first hand experience about them. You will learn about the school from those who know it best, from attendance or by working there.

Professional Advisers from the US

Your career goals can be focused and enhanced by advisers that know your field, and your future career path. You’ll be guided by professionals who walk the same path, and can answer questions with experienced professionalism.

TOEFL and IELTS Preparation

When you get to the point where you need to prepare for the language proficiency tests needed for your school, Sapling Academy will be there to prepare you. Not just to meet the minimum requirements listed, but to help you excel past them and make the schools that you didn’t select envious that they were not prestigious enough to attract you to their doorsteps.