Build Qualifications for Entrance to Top US Universities

When you’re ready to begin planning for finding the right school to attend, you’ll be better qualified to attend these schools with Sapling’s help. Take a look at what we can help you with…

Increase Emotional and Social IQ

Gain a solid understanding of US customs and culture Learn Do’s and Dont’s, including local taboos Proper oral and written communication Elegant international social courtesy Be welcomed and appreciated by elite society

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Don’t limit yourself any longer. Take control of your education and career. Learn a foreign language using a systematic method based on the four pillars of language.

Pen Pal Service

Pen Pals are the best way to become acquainted with people of another culture and country. You can learn about that culture and begin to become immersed in it’s language and people. You’ll be matched with someone who is similar to you so there is a basic framework to build common points of interest.

Guidance to the Top US Universities

Your goals of getting into a good US school can seem impossible. There is a pile of paperwork, criteria to meet, and a maze of web pages to navigate. How can anyone hope to get into school without help. Let us guide you to a school that meets your career goals.