Pen Pal Service

Pen Pals are the best way to become acquainted with people of another culture and country. You can learn about that culture and begin to become immersed in it’s language and people. You’ll be matched with someone who is similar to you so there is a basic framework to build common points of interest.

Everyone is looking for an easy way to break into a culture and language. Having an instant friend in that language and culture, who is ready to explain and teach, would be best and shortest path to understanding.

We at Sapling Academy, can match you with a Pen Pal that wants to learn as much about your culture as you want to learn about theirs. We create an conduit of communication when you can expand your language skills, and help someone else grow as well. Both of you sharing on an equal level.

You can also believe that we are not a match making service. Your application for a Pen Pal is taken very seriously. You will only be matched with people who are serious about extending their own knowledge as well helping you with your goals. Students matched students, business people matched with other business people, and even home makers match with home makers. You’ll find it easy to start up a new topic of discussion with someone who has a similar educational background and interests.

If you feel that you’re ready to begin a casual exploration of culture and language, then you’re ready to sign up to be a Sapling Academy Pen Pal!