High Quality Service of Classrooms in China

Dedicated to helping a sapling grow healthy, strong and smart

Free Individual Education Pathway Consultancy

  • Professional tests for students
    • Learning ability
    • Talents
    • Potentials
    • Learning habits
    • Student’s personality
  • Define short and long-term goals
  • Appointments for private consultation are available


Tailored visualized growing-up schemes

Because some students are at different levels and have different needs, classes can be added and removed. Some students may not need to focus on listening but lack writing skills.


Clear and effective teaching schedules

Class schedules are focused to gain specific goals


Free trial session appointment

Every prospective student who wishes to see if the class fits his/her needs can make an appointment to attend the course once.


Free Student Standard Membership service provision

We provide membership service that allows discounts and other benefits which will help the student and others to excel.


Every student can become a member after our consultants enter information required in Sapling system.

  • Students can get coupons online if they enter information by themselves
  • See more details in Membership Coupon Policy
  • Students may also select classes online in an enroll period, which can be modified by the consultant
  • Lifelong tracking of your performance at Sapling Academy is available online


Student to Student Assistance

  • Pen pals – Age, gender, profession appropriate friends found to help the student gain proficiency.
  • Student to Student Meeting to discuss with peers, to share with learning experience, get more motivation, to be inspired, and to see the real-life good models
  • Buddy system
    • Part of peer assistance assign a buddy
    • Urge your buddy to finish the assignment
    • Improve their communication skills
    • Know how to cooperate with each other
    • Building leadership skills


Parental Assistance

  • Parents’ involvement as a crucial part of parent assistance
  • Parent’s Conference with the Sapling Academy Educational Team
  • Parents’ Workshop- Get special information on how to help your child to succeed with Sapling Academy
  • Parents’ Support Group – Meet with other parents who have students as Sapling Academy
  • Donated Materials from parents


Free reading rooms – places where the public and students can come to read and get advice and

  • Coffee and tea
  • English Paper books
  • Comic books, magazines, novels
  • A wide variety of test learning materials from the US
  • Original movies
  • Documentaries
  • Songs
  • Tutors reading books as a model
  • Educational toys
  • Educational games


Follow-up services: After class activities

  • Daily focus on your learning experience
  • Trace your classes and grades,etc.
  • Clarify and specify assignments
  • Reschedule plans if needed: Changed according to different levels and results
  • Tests frequently and regularly


Convey First-hand information

Keeping the students up-to-date on the latest trends in education

Propose and design a customized visit the USA- Annually/Semiannual trips to the US are made so the students can experience new cultures that they may find themselves studying at in the future. See the Trips page for current schedules.

Tutor Assistance – Tutors can be found locally and online