A Comprehensive Synergy

Extracted from English-Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve

“Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are not disembodied skills. Each exists in context and in relation to the others. These skills must not be taught independently of one another. Rather, they need to be developed in the context of a rich, substantive core curriculum that is geared not only toward achieving these standards per se but also toward applying language arts skills to achieve success in other curricular areas. The good news is that reading, writing, listening and speaking are skills that invariably improve with study and practice. Mastery of these standards will ensure that children in California enter the worlds of higher education and the workplace armed with the tools they need to be literate, confident communicators.”

That’s why students in Sapling Academy are highly suggested or sometimes even required to take other courses like reading and vocabulary courses while they try to improve one specific skill like Grammar.

You will find that it is also required to take listening and vocabulary courses when they learn speaking.