Tuition and Coupon Policy in China

Complimentary Courses

The following courses are complimentary for the student who has paid 5000 RMB or more or as a one time gift to others.

  • English Calligraphy
  • Melody
  • Reading for Pleasure

Courses which are complimentary once only.

Parent Tuition

Tuition for one parent with one child enrolled in Sapling Academy is 25% off the normal adult tuition.

Likewise, tuition for one parent is 50% off the normal adult tuition if that parent have two or more children enrolled in Sapling Academy.

Also, parents can use coupons on as part of their tuition. See Coupon Policy for more details.

Coupon Policy

Once registering as a membership online, you can get a 100RMB coupon free.

When 1000RMB or more is paid in advance, a 10% coupon will be available for further tutoring sessions, tuition, or as a gift to another person.

Coupons can be used by the students or be gifted to another for any of the services that are provided including Chinese classroom, online classroom, or application service for instance.

Return Policy

Unused tuition can be fully reimbursed up the first 15 days of class. Trial sessions that are free, may not be reimbursed once tuition is paid.

Once coupons are used, tuition fee can not be reimbursed.